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October 16 - 20, 2017

All About Bats!  As we approach Halloween, we will be exploring the fascinating world of bats.  They are creatures of the night which is a wonderful tie-in to Halloween night. During this short school week, we will find out what we already know about bats and what we want to study. Some new vocabulary words to learn - mammal, nocturnal, echolocation, and webbing.  We'll be reading up on bats and singing a new bat song.

We are looking for PUMPKIN donations for carving, counting, size comparison, color comparison, etc.  (Anyone have a white pumpkin?) Please bring any donations to school the week of October 23.  Muchas gracias.     

There is NO SCHOOL on Wed., Thurs., or Fri.   I am so looking forward to seeing all families at our Parent/Teacher Conferences on October 16 & 17.  These are adult only conferences but families are welcome to bring their preschoolers and let them draw and read outside our preschool room in the hallway.

Please return all permission slips for the field trip to Dodge Nature Center by Monday, October 16.  If your preschooler will not be joining us, please let us know. 

The Marathon this year is a marathon of Service and Prayer for our great Catholic school. We pledge to serve the community this year by singing to our Seniors and wiping down wet playground equipment as needed in the mornings. We have already begun to pray for those hurting from the recent hurricanes.


Please know that any and all money brought in for our marathon is greatly appreciated and will go towards our goal of $21,000.


We like our 3rd grade buddies and there is no doubt about it.  They will remain our helpers and friends throughout the entire year.  It is always hard to say who enjoys this relationship more - the preschoolers or the 3rd graders.











Color and Shape of the Week - Orange /oval


Dates to Remember 

October  16 & 17 -  Parent/Teacher Conferences (3:20 - 8:00 p.m.)

                    18, 19 & 20 - NO SCHOOL

                     25 - Field Trip to Dodge Nature Center

                     27 - Picture Retake Day

                 30 - Face Painting Day

                 31 - Wear a Costume to celebrate Halloween!


Preschool Links

October Preschool Paper

October Singable Songs

September Preschool Paper

September Singable Songs

Scholastic Book Club (activation code - DRPM6)




Our Preschool Program is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).  NAEYC accreditation represents the highest mark of quality in early childhood education.  We are also a 4 out of 4 star rated program by Parent Aware of Minnesota. We are proud of these distinctions and the high standards that they represent.                                                  

                                                           Preschool Pics

Fire Safety






































Scientific Discovery - A worm!











We're Hard, Hard Workers and Players!





















Fall is Apple Season


































Special Reader - Mrs. Quast


Learning to problem-solve with a stoplight tool.




















Learning about red triangles






















Indoor Water Play
















































We openly invite and welcome parent participation in the classroom throughout the year.  Come feel the energy and experience the laughter, learning, and love.  Remember - Together, We Are Better!


Contact me at lehmanm@mmsaschool.org - 651.489.1459