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       March 19 - 23, 2018                                 

Easter is on It's Way!  Preparations for Easter have begun.  The Easter story will explain to us how Jesus' death brought us new life.  What are the signs of new life around us?  One very concrete sign will be the chicken eggs incubating in our room.  Their arrival on Tuesday (first day of spring) brings great excitement.  The preschoolers are always sure that they see cracks and that the eggs will immediately hatch.  We will mark our own egg calendars to help us with this 21 day wait.  Creating a life-of-Jesus cross, dyeing hard-boiled eggs, making Easter bags,  painting eggs, and hiding egg treats for our buddies will make for an egg-citing week.  Easter and eggs bring new life!  Chalet Dental  visits us on Thursday with dental health tips and Friday we will enjoy a play in O'Donnell Hall put on by our very own eighth graders.  Yes, Easter is on it's way.

New vocabulary words - incubator, dye

Letter of the Week - Pp            

Open House at MMSA this Tuesday evening at 6:30 p.m.  Spread the word to friends and neighbors about our great Catholic school.

No library visit this Wednesday.  This gives us a chance to return all borrowed books and check more out after Easter.   

Be sure to mark your calendars for all the upcoming events planned in April.  See dates below.  Family Fun Night with Sean Emery performing is a family event not to be missed!  He is an outstanding entertainer for all ages.  Bring family and friends, come for dinner and enjoy the show all courtesy of MMSA.

You may have noticed a new face in preschool recently.  Sharon Dueber, an MMSA grandparent, is our Thursday morning volunteer.  She is a wonderful addition and a huge help to our class.  Together, we are better.  Thanks, Sharon.           

Every Tuesday, this winter will be Outdoor Play Day.  Please send your            child ready to play outside in the snow and cold.  This means all children        need to have snow pants, boots, mittens, etc. on Tuesdays.  If weather does  not permit, we will get our exercise in the gym as usual.  Please work with      your preschooler on the all-important skill of dressing themselves. 


                          Could it be dinosaur footprints?

 Our mystery readers have been great surprises!  Thank you to all our  volunteers.  We have welcomed many moms, dads, teachers and even Mrs. Quast.  We look forward to more readers in April.  Will there be a grandma or grandpa reader?  Please return all library books by Wednesday to the LIBRARY BOX outside our classroom.  


Dates to Remember 

March 20 - Chicken eggs arrive                                                    

            20 - Open House at MMSA 6:30 p.m.                                     

            22 - Dental Hygienist visit

            26 -  April 2 Easter break (NO SCHOOL)

April 3 - Classes resume

       10 - Magician Brian Richards to perform (community invited) 9:00 am    

       12 - Family Fun Night at MMSA  (Free hotdog dinner and performance by entertainer                      Sean Emery)

       21 - Spring Fling Luau Fundraiser


Preschool Links

March Preschool Paper

March Singable Songs

February Preschool Paper

February Singable Songs

       Fall/Thanksgiving songs video

      Mystery Reader Sign Up Genius

Scholastic Book Club (activation code - DRPM6)


       We openly invite and welcome parent participation in the classroom throughout the year.           Come feel the energy and experience the laughter, learning, and love.  Remember -                       Together, We Are Better!

     Contact me at lehmanm@mmsaschool.org - 651.489.1459




Our Preschool Program is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).  NAEYC accreditation represents the highest mark of quality in early childhood education.  We are also a 4 out of 4 star rated program by Parent Aware
of Minnesota. We are proud of these distinctions and the high standards that they represent.

                                                           Preschool Pics

Enjoying the Book Nook

D is for Dinosaurs








































































Dental Health Week







































Preschool play has become group play.

February was a loving month

Heart healthy eating










The doctor will see you now.




















Big thanks to our field trip volunteers.












We couldn't do it without you!


A great time was had by all. 

















Business was blooming at the Flower Shop 











                                                                              Together, we are better!

Learning from the heart























Mailing our love


Games, games and more games

ABC Musical chairs


We have a BINGO




















More Outer Space fun




















Learning about constellations with Mrs. Bateson and the kindergarteners

Practice Peace

Outer space Learning












Happy New Year!











Being kind to our feathered friends as we make bird feeders. 

                                  New Year's Slime



















Hard day at the office.

Christmas Highlights 











                                                                                       The Christmas Story




















                          Baby Jesus                                                                                                                                                                    Advent Chains




















Mexican-style Christmas 










A visit from St. Nick


Letter Learning

Fun with Madeline
































Rainbow Week



















Outdoor Play on Dec. 1.



























Will there be snow in time for Christmas?







We Give Thanks to God


Harvest Snack Mix

Thanksgiving Preparations


Singin' to the Seniors


Eiffel Tower Building



















Special visit from Fire Dept. #22



































Shapes are Everywhere!





























We like the fall, the best of all!


Halloween 2017





















                                                                 Will it sink or will it float?


Dodge Nature Center Field Trip

All preschoolers enjoy a bus ride!

      The roots made this tree too hard to move.                                     Learning the parts of a tree.










Delicious organic apple juice!











Learning about pressing and chopping apples to make juice.











Apple juice tasting (baby bird style)














Bats Roosting Everywhere!










































Beautiful Fall Weather