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Welcome to Mr. Gottwalt's  5th Grade Classroom!


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Here's what we're learning during the week of May 22, 2017



We are continuing our work in literature circles (book clubs) while, as a class, we are diving into Where the Red Fern Grows.  This is a great story about a boy who wants nothing more than to own two hound dogs.  One day, his wish comes true.  This story is beautifully told by author Wilson Rawls.


We are working on learning how to identify fractions on a number line and how to convert improper fractions and mixed fractions.  We are also learning strategies on quickly identifying equivalent fractions.


We are off to a great start with our "simple machines" projects.  Each project is using at least 2 simple machines (e.g. lever, inclined plane, pulley, etc..).  Individuals or pairs of students are creating their own machines to solve a household or common problem. 


We are learning more about the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the graces received in this special sacrament.  We have discussed what sin is and how much love and mercy God has for us by taking away all of our sins in this sacrament and when we receive the Eucharist.


The 5th graders did a great job as they gave presentations on several European explorers for other classes and for their families.   As we have learned of the causes and effects of European exploration, we now turn our attention to the European colonies that were established in North America as a result of exploration.  The students are working in groups to summarize chapters on colonization as we approach the beginnings of the thirteen original colonies of our United States.


After much informational writing, we are now getting creative and making up our own stories while using interesting and descriptive language.  We will also write poetry to keep our creative juices flowing.


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