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We had a great week in 5th grade last week!  It was nice to have a full five day week of learning.  We are now attempting to grow some flowers in our classroom - fingers crossed!  

Please feel reach out at anytime by email at schmidtm@mmsaschool.org.

- Ms. Schmidt


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This week, we will focus on verbs - ACTION WORDS!  Each day, we will have different activities to practice identifying and using a variety of verbs in our writing.  We are also in the beginning chapters of our new novel, Holes.  We will focus on characters, themes, and vocabulary. 

Homework: Encourage your student to read at least 30 minutes at home each evening.  They should have books from the school library and they are always welcome to utilize our classroom library.


Our unit test on dividing decimals will be on Tuesday.  Monday will have a review game in class.  Students can access Prodigy online for questions relating to dividing decimals.  This is a great way to study for the test.  By the middle of the week, we will be starting the new unit, Operations and Word Problems.

Homework: If no math homework, students should go onto Prodigy to work on additional math practice.  I have heard great things from the students about their confidence increasing in math.  Outside of assigned work, the students answered nearly 600 math problems last week!


This week, the 5th graders will be leading mass on Wednesday.  We will also be attending chapel mass Thursday morning and Stations of the Cross Friday afternoon.


We are finishing up our animal creations.  The students have been coming up with great adaptations and reasoning behind their make-believe animals.  We will begin our unit on ecosystems by focusing on how environmental changes affect organisms. 


We are concluding our chapter on life in the colonies.  We will be examining documents at historian's apprentices and using what we know about colonial life.  Our next chapter will focus on The Road to the Revolution.


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