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with Mrs. Nyhus


Wow - we have a busy week ahead of us! Monday will be our field trip to River Rendezvous.  We will spend time the rest of the week talking about all we learned during this great trip!  On Tuesday, our class will start their NWEA Testing.  Please make sure students are getting a good night's sleep and some nutritious brain food. 

We also have two birthdays in our class this week!  Happy Birthday to Izzie (Monday) and Al (Tuesday)!

Don't forget: Parent Information Night has been moved - it is now scheduled for Tuesday, September 25th at 6:30pm

Please feel reach out at anytime by email at nyhusm@mmsaschool.org.

- Mrs. Nyhus


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Curriculum Overview for 5th Grade:



Our Language Arts curriculum will cover a wide variety of topics.  We will do the majority of our learning through novels such as Wonder and A Long Walk To Water.  We will have a strong spelling curriculum that focuses on the concepts to apply spelling skills to all words along with learning roots.  As always, we will focus on our writing with the parts of speech and structure throughout the year. 

This week: We will be learning about pronoun agreement in our writing.  We will finish our unit on nouns and pronouns with some practice activities and a quiz.  This week, we will continue reading our class novel, Wonder, and beginning our work with Latin Roots.


Our math work is all encompassing.  We begin the year with a focus on our math facts.  This leads us to a lot of work with fractions, decimals, and percents.  There will be the beginnings of algebra and fun with geometry.

This week: Students will continue working on their multiplication facts throughout the week.  Additional practice at home would be wonderful!  We will review factors, multiples, and adding and subtracting like fractions.  We will also learn about equivalent fractions and comparing fractions.


In religion, we learn how we worship as Christians.  We celebrate the Eucharist.  We celebrate God's healing love and worship God by living in love.

This week: We will have Mass on Wednesday and Chapel Mass on Thursday morning.  We will be introduced to our text for the year.  Students will spend time creating their own fall-themed prayers of thanks.


Science gives us a plethora of knowledge!  We will have units on cells and body systems, ecosystems, natural resources, the solar system, simple machines, and so much more!  Science includes a variety of fun experiments and challenges.

This week: This week, we continue our lab on making weather predictions.  We will also explore various types of investigations scientists use to learn about our world.


Our social studies is focused on the formation of the United States.  We begin with American Indians along with a research project.  We learn about the colonies, the revolution, and creating the new republic.

This week: We will be learning all about the earliest people in Minnesota at River Rendezvous.  In class, we will discuss what we learned and share our favorites pieces of information.  From our text, we will continue to explore the earliest cultures in North America.


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