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with Mrs. Nyhus


Wow, what a great week at STARBASE!  It seemed like the students really enjoyed the experience and learned a lot.  I should be receiving photos from the week soon and I will be sure to pass them along!

We have a regular week ahead of us.  It will be nice to be back into our usually routine.  We will be starting new units in language arts, religion, social studies, and science.

The annual MMSA Trivia Night is coming up on Saturday, January 26th.  Please see my email for more information on this fun event!

Please feel reach out at anytime by email at nyhusm@mmsaschool.org.

- Mrs. Nyhus


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Our Language Arts curriculum will cover a wide variety of topics.  We will do the majority of our learning through novels such as Wonder and A Long Walk To Water.  We will have a strong spelling curriculum that focuses on the concepts to apply spelling skills to all words along with learning roots.  As always, we will focus on our writing with the parts of speech and structure throughout the year. 

This week: We will begin our figurative language unit in preparation for our next novel which features a lot of figurative language.  Each day this week will have us focusing on a specific type - Simile, Metaphor, Personification, Onomatopoeia, Alliteration.  Our writing this week will be a five-paragraph essay on "Why I Love MMSA" in preparation for Catholic Schools week.  Students will also spend time working in their MegaWords, Word Roots, and grammar workbooks.


Our math work is all encompassing.  We begin the year with a focus on our math facts.  This leads us to a lot of work with fractions, decimals, and percents.  There will be the beginnings of algebra and fun with geometry.

This week: Math this week will consist of our work at STARBASE.  Students will be using various math concepts all week while problem solving.


In religion, we learn how we worship as Christians.  We celebrate the Eucharist.  We celebrate God's healing love and worship God by living in love.

This week: We begin our next unit on celebrating the Eucharist.  We will learn about this important sacrament and the sacraments surrounding it.  We will be attending mass on Wednesday morning.


Science gives us a plethora of knowledge!  We will have units on cells and body systems, ecosystems, natural resources, the solar system, simple machines, and so much more!  Science includes a variety of fun experiments and challenges.

This week: On Monday, we will wrap up our STARBASE field trip with a writing assignment about what we learned. The remainder of the week will have us exploring our new unit, Energy and Ecosystems.  We will be learning about the roles organisms play in an ecosystem and creating food webs.


Our social studies is focused on the formation of the United States.  We begin with American Indians along with a research project.  We learn about the colonies, the revolution, and creating the new republic.

This week: Congrats to Lucas and Izzie for being chosen as our class representatives for the MMSA Geography Bee!  All students did a great job during our class competition.  We will begin learning about the colonies taking root in US through English settlements and the New England Colonies.


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