3rd Grade 


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March 16, 2018

With Holy Week soon approaching, we read about and discussed what happened at Jesus' last supper and the time He spent in the garden of Gethsemane praying, and then being arrested. Next week we will pray the sorrowful mysteries of the rosary and receive the sacrament of reconciliation. 


Some of the skills and areas the third graders focused on this week include:

MATH - The students began working with perimeter and area. They drew and labeled rectangles and squares with different dimensions and then figured out the perimeters and areas.

LANGUAGE ARTS - The students worked with the parts of speech, especially adjectives. They also  used words with multiple meanings, worked with commas, and practiced cursive handwriting.

RELIGION - The third graders practiced for their class Mass next Monday. We also read some Bible stories from the New Testament, and the students illustrated a page for their Bible books. 

SCIENCE - Last week the students began learning about light. This week they used wonderful light kits, which include a variety of materials to help children discover how light travels, can be blocked or reflected, and other aspects about light. The students used three different colored flashlights to make new colors. They saw how a flashlight's beam gets larger, but dimmer, as it moves further away, and they used diffraction slides to see how light is broken into many different colors.

SOCIAL STUDIES- We read about mayors and governors being leaders of cities and states, and we read about some of our national symbols and monuments.



                  * Class Mass - Monday, March 19, at 8:00 am

            * Easter Vacation - March 26 - April 2                   


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