3rd Grade 


                 WELCOME TO MRS. JACOBSON'S THIRD GRADE PAGE!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  




Week of April 15 - 18

It has been nice to be here for part of Holy Week. We talked about the origin of Palm Sunday and read about Jesus' passion and death. We also hid Easter eggs for our preschool buddies and they hid some for us.


Some of the skills the students worked on this week are listed below. 

RELIGION - The third graders wrote letters to Jesus, thanking Him for suffering and dying for them. They also illustrated a page for their Bible books.   

MATH - We worked with money, especially making change. The students practiced making change by playing store in small groups, pretending to sell some of their belongings.  

LANGUAGE ARTS - The students worked with adjectives, adverbs, proofreading, and practiced letters "U" and "V" in cursive.

SCIENCE - The third graders saw how wood and plastic rulers make different vibrations when tapped, and they heard the different sounds those vibrations make. We also read about how sound particles move through the air.

SOCIAL STUDIES - Last week we read about producers and consumers and how they are dependent upon each other. This week we read how producers use natural resources to make their goods. We also saw a map of Minnesota, which showed some of our natural resources and how the different parts of our land are used for farming, manufacturing, and mining.    


If you wish to contact me, please send a note or email me at jacobsonm@mmsaschool.org  


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