3rd Grade 






Our first two weeks of school have gone very well! I am getting to know the students and discovering the variety of interests and talents they have. 


Below are some of the areas and skills and we worked on this week:

LANGUAGE ARTS - This week's spelling words had short vowel sounds. The students were able to name many other words with short vowel sounds. We read a story from our text, the students read with a partner, and did a proofreading page in their workbooks.

RELIGION - We read about Abraham having faith in God, who promised to give him as many descendants as there were stars in the sky. We talked about how Jesus said, "Blessed are those who believe without seeing." We also went to the Adoration chapel. We will go there every Thursday.

MATH - The students drew and used manipulatives to show multiplication sentences. They learned that you can make an array to show multiplication, as well as circles to show the groups. They also found patterns in tables and figured out the missing numbers.

SCIENCE - The students did a science activity with a partner. We also read about some of the things scientists do, such as ask questions, observe, communicate, and make predictions. We discovered that we do all those things too. We are all scientists.

SOCIAL STUDIES - We read about the similarities and differences of communities. We also looked at a few different maps and answered questions and located places.  



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