3rd Grade 


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February 16, 2018

We had fun celebrating Valentine's Day on Tuesday. We visited our preschool buddies, exchanged Valentines with them and with the other third graders, and frosted cookies. We also talked about the next day, Ash Wednesday, and the beginning of Lent. The students thought of ways they could grow closer to God during this season.


Some of the skills and areas the third graders focused on this week include:

MATH - The students have been working with time. They used wipe-off clocks to show various times and practiced telling time to the nearest minute. They also worked on figuring out how much time has elapsed between a starting and ending time, and the students did some small group activities.

LANGUAGE ARTS - The third graders worked with apostrophes to show possession, proofread and corrected some spelling and grammar mistakes in their workbooks, and read a Scholastic News Magazine.

RELIGION - Besides attending Ash Wednesday Mass, the third graders went to chapel Mass this week, read about the season of Lent, and made congratulatory cards for a priest who is celebrating the 60th anniversary of his ordination. 

SCIENCE - As part of our unit on forces, the students worked with magnets and learned the terms "attract" and "repel." They used magnetic wands to test many metal objects around the classroom. They discovered that not all metals will be attracted to a magnet.

SOCIAL STUDIES- We read about the three branches of our national government and the different jobs they have, and also learned that cities and states have governments.



            * Easter Vacation - March 26 - April 2                   


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