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Welcome to Mrs. Roche's Second Grade Page!   

April 15-19, 2019  


We completed our beautiful Holy Week in Handprints booklets and used them to follow the journey of Jesus into Jerusalem.  The week started with a joyful procession and waving palms, but quieted into the sad betrayal of Jesus by a friend.  Our historical study of the Eucharist continued this week as we looked in detail at the Last Supper.  Our faith celebrates this momentous occasion of the first First Communion each year with the mandatum (foot washing) and glorious celebration of the Eucharist on Holy Thursday.  In class, students were able to experience a foot washing right in our room. 


Just as in real life, we saw this week that the Superkids don’t always get along!  When Tic developed an interest in bees, Tac and Toc felt left out and annoyed.  Alf reminded the girls that Tic can be interested in bees and still be their friend.


Grammar and Spelling:

Our class worked on words with the long e sound this week.   We also worked with more homophones.  We’re getting to be experts there!



This week’s studies focused on telling time, to the quarter hour and five minutes.  We also looked at how calendars measure time, but in larger chunks than a watch!


Social Studies:

We are taking a look at what immigration means.  Our country is a nation of immigrants, creating a beautiful rainbow of diversity.  To introduce the unit, we watched Fivel:  An American Tale and shared the book Watch the Stars Come Out.  As a class, we looked at the many reasons people left their country in search of a better life in the United States.  Studying Ellis Island will give us a look into our past, but we continue to welcome those from around the world even today!


Have a happy and blessed Easter!



Coming Attractions:

April 19 and 22 - No School, Good Friday and Easter Monday

April 27 - First Communion retreat at 9am

April 27 - Spring Fling Fundraiser

May 2 - First Communion Rehearsal

May 3 - Grandparents/Special Friends Day

May 5 - MMSA Parish First Communion Mass

May 22 - First Communion Celebration at MMSA All School Mass, second grade planning


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