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 Reading our Reader's Theater Plays is one of favorite activities!


April 22-26, 2019

     We are learning a lot about rain forests!  This habitat has four different layers that are all very different.  They include the forest floor, the understory, the canopy and the emergent layer.  We also brainstormed about rain forest animals we know, and then matched them to the layer where they would live.  One fact that amazed us was that there are thousands of rain forest creatures and many of them are still undiscovered by people!  Stay tuned for pictures of our wonderful rain forest layer projects.    



  Our phonics focus this week will be -ar and -or words.  These are also known as the "bossy Rr" word chunks.  An easy way to remember the -ar sound would be to speak like a pirate, "ARRRGH!"  A helpful way to say the -or sound would be to say "ork!" like a penguin. We'll be doing many word work activities to help us with "bossy Rr" and will also read the Superkids story "The Slumber Party" to help us work on these words.



    We'll continue to practice finding hundreds, tens and ones in numbers.  We've noticed that finding number patterns is pretty easy when we use a number mat that shows us numbers in rows and also numbers in columns.  We'll also practice place value in numbers with math centers that help us put numbers in order from least to greatest and also help us use the +10 and -10 strategy.       



  ALLELUA!  JESUS IS RISEN!  We'll be working on our Easter chapter by reading several versions of the Easter story and by making Alleluia banners for our room.  We'll also change our Hall bulletin board from a Lent board into an Easter one.    



     We'll continue to work on our rain forest habitat unit by doing research to learn facts about rain forest animals.  We'll use the facts to write animal project reports.  













-April 23: Happy Birthday to Aayat and Ajaim!

      - April 24: Happy Birthday, Sydelle!

-April 27: Please join us for our biggest MMSA fundraiser of the year, the SPRING FLING!  Tickets are now on sale!  Please join us!  

-May 3: Grandparent/Grandfriend Day at MMSA, 8:45am-11:30am.  Invite your special visitors and make sure to return the RSVP slip to school by Fri., April 26.  



 Our Reading Logs will come home every Friday.  Each child should practice reading at least 5X a week, on his/her own or with a family member, write the books read on the log and then return the Reading Log the next Friday. 

Our Spelling homework pack also comes home weekly on Friday. The practice work should be returned on the next Friday.  



First Grade News April 18



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